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Today is called International Migrants Day.

Yay! Happy my day! 🥳

I am a migrant, yes I am. I have migrated to Germany 2 years ago. I like to write a little bit about my experience and happy moments at my beloved company, anynines.

I visited Germany for the first time 5 and a half years ago. Since then, I have felt like this is the place I want to spend the rest of my life. I visited Germany 2 times afterward and Berlin was my first choice all the time. …

Heaven of Bicycles, Amsterdam



How have you been doing? I’ve missed writing in English the past month and now, I am ready to continue my challenge again.

Do you remember what was my challenge?

Yes, correct, writing in English.

Enough of warming up, I will continue the main topic.

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time. I didn’t have enough time to go around and visit every where like a tourist, but it was enough to get to this conclusion:

I can like this my sterious city. But why mysterious? …

Personal Notes
Personal Notes
Personal Notes


About a month ago, I wrote about “Personal Notes Languages”. I added a questionnaire to find out which language people use when writing their notes at work, their mother tongue or the working language.

The target group was people who are working in an environment, which language is not their mother tongue.

For example, they are immigrants or working in an international company and everything related to work is not their mother tongue.

Maybe you are an English native and working in German Company, or like me, I am Persian native speaking, working in a German company and the…


I had a special experience on Saturday, September 21. 8 hours visit to Dresden, around 30 k steps and visit as much as I could:



In My Content Plan post, I mentioned a topic ( A girl from a developing country and her challenges during and after migration) that I am going to write about. This story will be in this category.

Every place has its own culture which is different from other places. The place can be related to a neighborhood, a city, a country or else.

When you grow up in a culture, your mind will save all the rules in that culture and after migration, one of the challenges you will face is the mind tricks according to that saved rules.

Writing a note


The other day, my team leader saw my notes and he asked me: “Do you write your notes in English?”

And this question made me so much curious about this matter.

Let’s start over and explain a little.

I live in Germany, so their language is Deutsch, but my working language is English and I am English speaking (So beginner in Deutsch), but my mother tongue is Farsi.

As of an English speaking person, I write down most of the things in English, sometimes I even think in English in my mind and recently I saw dreams that most…

Make it Happen
Make it Happen
Make it Happen


It’s all about motivation. Yes! Of course, it is.

We need a motivation to continue life, if we don’t have any motivation, we are not living, we are just breathing!

[IMO goals are a part of motivation]

It is important for me (maybe everyone) to know myself, discover my strengths, weaknesses and motives, just like a SWOT matrix with some differences.

Many different factors that can be considered while one is trying to know oneself!

For example, when one does something good, she needs outside encouragement or cheer-up, but she can’t get it. What can she do?

Concussion Recovery


Yes, I know, this topic was not on my content plan, but since Monday, I could not think about anything else more than taking care of myself better than before.

Or maybe, after all, it can be categorized in one of the topics on my content plan, it can be an after migration challenge.

Last Monday, a parking entrance gate hit my head so hard, I fell down and was unconscious for some moments which I don’t remember how long was it. …


I like to start with that, in Farsi, we say “Salam” that comes from a word means healthy, so saying “Salam” will bring us health maybe. So I like to start with Hello with the same intention.

Long ago, around 1 month, I published my first post to ask for your help to create a content plan for my own blog. Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

Now, it’s time to start writing. Let’s look at the questionnaire result together:

So, here is the result:

  • Women from developing countries and their challenges
  • Digital Marketing
  • Travel and Leisure

Photo from The Boxed Llama


This is Samaneh, I am from Iran, so my name is Persian. It’s kind of the same as “Samantha” but the pronunciation is a little bit different like this:

Samaneh → the first a is pronounced like cat, the second a is pronounced like car. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit hard, just call me “Sam”.

Hello again, This is Sam :)

I am a Digital Marketing Manager and I am living in Germany. Yes, I have emigrated from my beautiful country, which I miss so much, to Germany, my new home, less than a year ago.

As of…

Samaneh Nasihatkon

I’m a brave human who has come out of her comfort zone and fight all the taboos around. I have a blog in Persian language and here I am writing in English.

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