Heaven of Bicycles, Amsterdam



How have you been doing? I’ve missed writing in English the past month and now, I am ready to continue my challenge again.

Do you remember what was my challenge?

Yes, correct, writing in English.

Enough of warming up, I will continue the main topic.

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time. I didn’t have enough time to go around and visit every where like a tourist, but it was enough to get to this conclusion:

I can like this my sterious city. But why mysterious? Because, I still don’t know enough about it.

I know about how they take things inside the buildings, as the staircases are so narrow, they can take out the windows and use them. Every house in the center had a hook near the roof, to the street side, which is used for taking up or taking down furniture or other stuff while moving in or moving out.

Also, I had the chance to visit Anne Frank House, but from outside, I didn’t have the time to visit the museum inside, but visiting the house made me curious to read her diary, which I was not aware of her and her diary until now.

Also, wow, you can’t believe how many bicycles I saw in 2 days. I have never seen as many as this number in my whole life. Not even in Berlin.

If you like to ride a bicycle, Amsterdam is your heaven.

Now, enough for this post.

Have a good day!




I’m a brave human who has come out of her comfort zone and fight all the taboos around. I have a blog in Persian language and here I am writing in English.

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