How I motivate myself

Samaneh Nasihatkon
2 min readSep 1, 2019


Make it Happen
Make it Happen


It’s all about motivation. Yes! Of course, it is.

We need a motivation to continue life, if we don’t have any motivation, we are not living, we are just breathing!

[IMO goals are a part of motivation]

It is important for me (maybe everyone) to know myself, discover my strengths, weaknesses and motives, just like a SWOT matrix with some differences.

Many different factors that can be considered while one is trying to know oneself!

For example, when one does something good, she needs outside encouragement or cheer-up, but she can’t get it. What can she do?

You Got This

This is what I have thought about and what I have decided to do for myself.

There is a website called FutureMe, you can send emails to the future.

I am using this tool, to encourage, motivate and cheer up myself. I am scheduling emails for every day.

The important hint is, write to the future when you are satisfied with yourself and you can be kind to yourself. Avoid writing when you are sad, stressed or angry at yourself.

Just remember, the soonest future is in one month, so if you need motivation for today or during the 4 following weeks, you need to find another way, like writing sticky notes for yourself and put them on the mirror.

We can’t get encouragement from outside, we need it to be from inside. This way will instill the best feelings to our heart and the real source of motivation.

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