Take more care


Yes, I know, this topic was not on my content plan, but since Monday, I could not think about anything else more than taking care of myself better than before.

Or maybe, after all, it can be categorized in one of the topics on my content plan, it can be an after migration challenge.

Last Monday, a parking entrance gate hit my head so hard, I fell down and was unconscious for some moments which I don’t remember how long was it. This is all I remember: I was walking, then I was on the ground with lots of pain and I couldn’t even get up.

I tried so hard to get up and I couldn’t walk or see for some minutes, so I just sit there and cry as nobody even care to help me. I felt so homesick that time.

After that I was okay, this accident happened around 1:00 pm. After some hours around 8:00 pm, everything started, I fell dizzy, lost my balance while walking, nausea and it was the hardest thing to get to home that night.

The next morning I was struggling for waking up and walking was even harder than the night before. So I texted our HR Manager and Team Leader that I can’t come to work.

I had to go to emergency room, in a country which their language is German and I only speak English and at that time, I couldn’t even find the right words in my mother-tongue, which I understand that is a concussion symptoms too.

Finally, I managed to go to emergency room with the clothes I wear at home, unfortunately I couldn’t even change my clothes.

Thinking was hard, (It still is — after 5 days) and I needed to put all my strength on one target: “Go to Emergency Room”.

I stayed home just one day and went to the office on Wednesday, I made a mistake, you don’t do it. So I had to stayed at home rest of the week and work from home, because I couldn’t walk more than 10 steps, I lost my balance, and I have lost my appetite, I was dizzy all day.

Mayo Clinic explained all about Concussion. Click Here.

Long story short, after migration, you are on your own, specially when you are migrated as a single person and you don’t have any family.

You don’t have any emergency contact on your phone, so you need to take care of yourself more and more, because, if a parking entrance gate hits you hard enough to cause Traumatic brain injury, there is no one to take care of you.

Take care.



I’m a brave human who has come out of her comfort zone and fight all the taboos around. I have a blog in Persian language and here I am writing in English.

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